Being sensitive to plastic pollution is a humanitarian mission in today’s world. As Kraftlon, we are also sensitive to this issue. We have prepared actionable recommendations to minimize the use of plastic. If we act together, we can wake up to cleaner tomorrows.


If we start with the things that can be changed in the kitchens, the most needed plastic products are about preserving food, instead of plastic cling film, you can wrap our food in wax papers. Also, wax papers are reusable products that can be washed with water, in the same way, you can make bags from wax papers and use them. Legumes, bread, etc. You can now buy or sew easy-to-reach cotton or linen bags to store dry foods. Also we can use glass jars and metal lids instead of plastic storage containers. On the other hand, we should have our market net and linen bags with us when we go shopping. If you want you can buy those from www.mumowrap.com  and lessisonline.com and you can get detailed information about how to store wax paper and their cleaning from those websites and companies.

Cleaning in the Kitchen

Instead of using plastic dish sponges for dish cleaning, you can choose loofah. You can stop cleaning at home with plastic brushes and choose brushes made of water-resistant wood or metal materials. You can use the fabrics you do not use instead of cloths with plastic content, you can wash them at high temperatures and reuse them, or you can buy environmentally friendly cloths. You can visit www.ekolojikdonusum.com and www.atiksizev.com to reach such products and be informed about innovations.

Plastic Bags;

To abandon the use of plastic bags; If you have a garden, someone you know or find any place to donate your compost, you can buy compost kits and stop using plastic bags by making compost even if you are in an apartment. Bokashi compost buckets are suitable for apartments, you can make cleaning vinegar with the liquid you create from here. You can visit www.ecostore.com.tr to reach all these products and get detailed information.

Correct recycling and personal care with less plastic;

The biggest mistake, especially in recycling, is the lack of knowledge about the recycling of food packaging, as long as food packaging is not cleaned from food residues, it reacts in waste facilities and both damages the ozone layer and cannot be recycled properly. Toothpaste, which is one of the personal use products, is not suitable for recycling as it cannot be completely purified from the substance in it, you can choose toothpastes sold in glass jars. Since toothbrushes are disposable products, you can choose 100% natural bamboo brushes that can be recycled. Now we can find brushes with these features even in all cosmetic markets. Especially when we are outside of our house, we should not keep our thermoses with us, and we should prefer porcelain and glass containers when drinking tea, coffee, although the name is paper cups, unfortunately, paper cannot be recycled because paper cups have a sealed plastic layer inside. In order not to waste a plastic box when purchasing detergent, you can buy more liters at once, or you can make your own cleaning materials by following the platforms that provide reliable training and recipes. While shopping for cosmetics, you can choose products with the phrase that they are made from recycled materials, and you can prefer all products that can be purchased in glass jars instead of plastics. e.g; roll-on, toothpaste, creams, lipsticks, lotions. If you want to follow and reach environmentally friendly cosmetics, you can visit https://badecanlar.dukkan.im, www.homemadearomaterapi.net and www.fermentemutfagim.com. With the hope of a better environment…


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