Smoked Paprika

Smoked Paprika, one of the trend colors of 2021, can be used to enliven the spaces. You can use Smoked Paprika with pastel tones to harmonize it, or you can choose it to balance dark but assertive tones.

While decorating Smoked Paprika, in detail, as accessories; You can use it on pillows, curtain wings, seat covers, poufs and carpets. You can choose Smoked Paprika as furniture for bergère and armchairs.


Coconut Milk 


Cocunut Milk, one of the most refreshing colors of this year, can be used to create a fresh perception in the space or to soften the color choices. Cocunut Milk color, which is suitable for use in kitchen cabinets, can be preferred in mdf lacquer products. Cocunut Milk color can be used as wall paint to make small spaces brighter.

Coconut milk color can be used as upholstery fabric on bergère  or as cushions on dark sofas. Coconut Milk color can be preferred as an accessory on ceramic vases, carpets, or lampshades.


Blood Stone

One of the trend colors of this year, it is one of the colors that add energy to the living space. Blood Stone, rather than large areas; It can be preferred in complementary points and accessories such as curtain wings, pillows, seat covers, vases.

It can be used in more assertive spaces to warm up neutral colors or to make them more focal points. A Blood Stone color bergère can be considered accompanying a sofa with soft colors.


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